Grinching It Up Over Here

One of the realities of being a preschool co-op member for which I was woefully inadequately prepared was the sheer volume of non-school-related HOLIDAY FUN EMAILS to which I would be subjected. The term “FUN” is used loosely here, to mean “crafty suburban holiday things which other people improbably enjoy.” And/or “get-togethers centered around purchasing things… More Grinching It Up Over Here

Tiny Houses My Ass

At first, I loved them. So cute! So well thought-out! All those clean lines, that intricate woodworking! So tiny! It seemed very appealing to me, a year or two ago, to retire into a 200 sq ft house and travel around, with only the barest of necessities in my aesthetically pleasing shed-on-wheels. Beyond the cuteness,… More Tiny Houses My Ass

The Machinery of Power

Inside the Secretive World of Tax-Avoidance Experts This is a fascinating look at the individuals behind the administrators of “asset havens,” and other law-breaking creations designed to safeguard the extreme wealth of the privileged few.  The takeaway here is that fixating on the obscenely wealthy themselves may be less productive than examining the minds behind… More The Machinery of Power